A trembling heart is a gift. -More so. becomes yori.so publishing.

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Thank you for visiting this place.

The online shop "Yorisou." started in 2016. As a result of earnestly facing what we want to achieve, we have created a publishing label for sensitive people to live accepting their sensitivity. It has been renewed as yori.so publishing.

I will also post the sentences I sent to the top page here as to why I do so.

On the establishment of yori.so publishing

Even though he is the president, he is easily hurt.
That was my complex.

That day, I was casually joking around with my friend.
The friend said, "I think your sensitivity is wonderful. You don't have to fix it."
She taught me a poem called "Kumu" by a poet named Noriko Ibaraki.
I was shocked by what was written there.

"Even a child's swearing hurts, like an unreliable raw oyster There was no need to train them at all.
At the core of all good work, there is a weak, quivering antenna hidden, I'm sure..."

A weak heart is something that must be overcome.
It was a word that saved me who thought so somewhere in my heart.
At the same time, it must be
Those were the words I always wanted someone to say,
I think.

yori.so publishing is a place where fragile and sensitive people born from my original experience,
It is a small publishing label that started with the aim of creating a time that makes it easier to live with that sensitivity.

A trembling heart is a gift.
Until the day you think so.

yori.so publishing Published by Kenji Takasaki

New works are beginning to emerge.

We look forward to your continued support of yori.so publishing.