"Yorisou Tsukihi" by Fumi Kotani

"Yorisou Tsukihi" by Fumi Kotani

This is the first book from yori.so gallery & label.
"Yorisou Tsukihi" by Fumi Kotani. Like a poem, like an essay.
After reading, you will want to take a walk on a different road than usual.
It's a book that opens your heart.
I like the words written in this book, “The days are filled with you, and I will be with you.” How about you?

It is recommended to read gently before going to bed on a busy day to take care of yourself. The cover is letterpress printing and can be used as an interior decoration.
10% of sales are donated to Ronald McDonald House, an accommodation facility for sick children and their families. Learn more here .

The shipping fee will be 360 ​​yen nationwide.


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